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Science under attack – literally

In Eish!, Fools, Science on May 29, 2012 at 11:09 am

An example of ‘creationist thinking’ (which is itself an example of an oxymoron)

I am beginning to get more than a little tired of anti-science hypocrites.

Whether they be religious fundamentalists, eco-fanaticists, or anyone who blames science for our moral evolution, they all share one thing in common: they embrace science, except when it suits them.

Case in point: scientific discovery and the intense rigour of scientific scrutiny and development has helped eradicate smallpox, a virus that used to kill hundreds of thousands of people – mainly children – every year. This is a good thing. However, that same scientific discovery¬†and intense rigour of scientific scrutiny and development has also helped create variations of wheat that are resistant to the pests that destroy crops and cause famine that kills hundreds of thousands of people every year…but this is apparently a bad thing.

Another case in point: radiocarbon dating has been trusted to accurately date manuscripts and articles from ancient history…and yet when it’s used by a team from Oxford University to expose the Turin Shroud as a work of forgery from the Middle Ages, it’s untrusted.

But it doesn’t stop there. Think of the thousands of people who pick up a cellphone, drive a car, go online or fly in a plane to spread their message that science is evil because it counters their belief, all the time blissfully (possibly intentionally) ignorant that science has made that spreading of their message possible.

They don’t think twice about the science behind a cellphone before picking it up to call a talk radio station to complain about scientists; they drive to church forgetting that science is behind every single component of a vehicle (yes, even the nut holding the steering wheel); they tap away anti-science vitriol on their computer and post it on the internet, forgetting that without science they’d still be writing on paper; and they climb on board a plane, trusting science to take them to a conference in another city or country, where they will condemn science behind the genetic modification of staple food.

But most of all…and here’s my favourite…they’ll take advantage of the latest developments in the science of medicine to heal their sick children, then tell those same children (once they’re better, obviously) that scientists are wrong when they say that the earth is older than 6 000 years old…and that is was God, not science, that helped cure them.

They are hypocrites, and dangerous in the fact that they peddle their ignorance wrapped up in blind belief, and justify it through illogical precepts; even though the science they rely on holds the evidence to disprove those same precepts.

They are, however, simply an unfortunate, and uneducated, distraction to the development of science. There’s a splinter group of the anti-science movement that is far more dangerous: anarchists who attack, injure and kill those leading the development of science.

There are few things more scary than people driven by the belief that killing innocent people isn’t a crime, or even worse, that it’s essential for the perpetuation of their own agendas.

Let’s stop, pause, take a breath, examine our world carefully, and respect the benefits of science before cursing it.