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The heartache of religious moral myopia, still evident today.

In Politics, Scoundrels on October 19, 2011 at 8:23 am

Where to next for this baby? The mother...or a stranger?

Spain is in the grip of some heart wrenching moral navel-gazing after recent revelations about a widespread programme of the theft and trafficking of newborn babies in the 1930s.

Under direction from the dictator General Franco, the Catholic church oversaw the forced removal of newborn babies from mothers deemed ‘undesirable’, and the sale of those babies to ‘approved’ parents. The mothers were lied to, being told their babies had died and that it would be best for them not to see their babies.

So, who made the judgement of whether or not the mothers were ‘suitable’ enough to raise their own children? Who lied to the mothers? Catholic nuns and priests, and medical staff pressured by the church.

So surely in the 21st Century when the news broke, there would be a public outcry in Spain and demand for answers from the Catholic church?

Compare this coverage from the BBC News Online, with this from a Spanish online news service barcelonareporter.com. The latter makes no reference to the involvement of the Catholic church.

Seems certain people are still living in the Middle Ages.