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Death of a man whom I never knew…and what he helped create

In Science on October 6, 2011 at 6:15 am

The science kits that Steve Jobs helped design

I woke this morning, switched on the radio and was immediately greeted with the news that Steve Jobs had died.

The effect was devastating. I collapsed on the bed and shed a tear. I never met him, would never suggest that I ever knew him, but he did, in a remarkable way, have an impact on my life.

In the late 90s, when our science communications company Scienceworks took off, we wanted the science kits we had made to be unlike any other science products aimed at children, so we employed the services of a team of creatives to design them. They used Macs, and I became fascinated with the liberating, creative power of these computers. So I bought our first iMac and joined in. After a while we bought a white iBook and a Powerbook. They empowered us, and made us able to do things that Windows-based computers couldn’t.

The difference to our products and the profile and fortunes of our company was profound. We went from selling handfuls of kits through individual toy stores to selling tens of thousands through national retail chains, and eventually to exporting them.

Our company thrived because of what we could do quickly and creatively with our Macs – because they could make our ideas come alive.

Those who know me, know me as a passionate ambassador for the Apple brand; and many have switched  – and smiled – as they found the fun in using a Mac.

Today I am using my 4th Apple Mac – an 11″ 128 Gig MacBook Air…and I absolutely love it.

Thank you Steve Jobs. RIP