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Science takes the iPhone to the next level

In Science on October 25, 2011 at 7:20 am

An iPhone 4 with that now famous logo - the big G

Outside of being a passionate media ambassador for Apple when I was still in breakfast radio, I don’t make a point of endorsing products…but this is different.

Guru – the world’s first digital crowd-sourced digital science lifestyle magazine has just launched an online boutique – typical funky Guru-speak for a range of merchandise. Guru has, deservedly, grown exponentially since it’s launch in August; and as their Sceptic Guru columnist, and aware the project is completely self-funded, I heartily encourage you to ‘deck yourself with Guru’. They have iPad and iPhone covers, mugs and clothing and more at their Cafepress Store.

And if you haven’t yet downloaded the latest edition (for free) onto your Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone, then do so now. I’ll be testing you on it later!