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Delicious twist for climate change sceptics

In Fools, Science on October 21, 2011 at 7:15 am

"Anyone seen my home?"

Nothing irritates my children more than when I say to them: “I told you so”; because they know I relish disproving their doubts in my wisdom.

Wisdom comes from the judicious assimilation of data collected over many years. More importantly, it’s knowledge that is contextual, not just converged around a single frame of intellectual enquiry.

A single scientist may focus on a specific area of his or her interest, but the cumulative insights from many such scientists, give us a rich picture of their area of research.

As such, science isn’t making up everything we know about climate change. It’s based on the methodical and passionate study of thousands of scientists around the world. Their research is critically evaluated by other scientists who relish the opportunity to find a thread of fault that, if corrected, would contribute to the veracity of knowledge.

Climate change sceptics are part of the discussion around a frightening challenge to the planet’s, and our own, health. But they are being pushed by people with political and economic agendas, and they continually hang onto the words of a diminishing handful of scientists who oppose the bulk of research that proves the reality of climate change.

Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein’s blog is carrying a wonderful story about Richard Miller, a leading physicists and a very vocal climate change sceptic, who, after setting out to challenge the current research into climate change, has discovered something quite revelatory: actually, climate change is real.

My children are shaking their heads. They know what’s coming next…