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What the Knox appeal verdict says of us

In Scoundrels on October 4, 2011 at 7:47 am

Amanda Knox - a victim of public passions?

The acquittal of Amanda Knox was greeted with mixed feelings, which is expected; but is it justified?

The reality is that a court of highly respected and experienced legal minds found fault with the evidence that was used to send a woman to prison. But many people, people with hardly any knowledge of the law whatsoever, think they know better.

The human passion for justice in an abhorrent crime is understandable; but when it’s fuelled by a media intent on stirring up a story to try and flush out the drama, the resultant emotional clutter obfuscates calm logic. As a result, people are often tried, and scarred, by the sentiment of ignorant masses and a complicit mass media.

Did Amanda Knox kill Meredith Kercher? Maybe. Is it possible that she didn’t? Most definitely; and the facts of the case carry the weight in the favour of cool, calm logic.