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Leading university to host a UFO conference

In Fools on September 28, 2011 at 6:56 am

As the protectors of higher learning, universities around the world host conferences designed to bring together great thinkers in fields of academic study. However, Wits University in Johannesburg – one of South Africa’s most esteemed academic institutions – has taken a turn that threatens to bring it ridicule from academia. It is to host, and therefore support, a UFO conference from 25th to 27th November.┬áLet me make this clear – this is not a UFO-themed student booze-fest, but a real conference with speakers addressing audiences of the faithful.

And what will they be talking about? Well, it’s been organised by a man who believes that humans were created by aliens for rather nefarious purposes. His name is Michael Tellinger and he’s written a book about it called ‘SLAVES SPECIES of god’ (sic). If you want to get an idea of the thread of belief running through this university-endorsed conference, you might want to check out his website. And if you want to see the calibre of those speaking, check out the official conference blog.

Be afraid, be very afraid.