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The psychology of hating refs

In Eish! on October 16, 2011 at 4:23 pm

"...an' wiz zees liddel red cad..."

Alain Rolland, the rugby ref who sent Welsh captain Sam Warburton off the field in their semi-final match against France, has become the subject of just a teensy-weensy smattering of anger from the Welsh fans. Some of them were heard saying something about where they’d love to shove a leek.

The Mail Online, forever searching for boogeymen beneath the bedclothes, suggested that because he has some French lineage (his father is French), he was subliminally supporting France. But then that’s the Daily Mail…

But there’s another reason why so much Welsh vitriol has been poured upon Mr Rolland…it makes the Welsh feel better.

Here’s a simple explanation of the psychology of blame.