Daryl Ilbury

About the author

cropped-daryl-ilbury-2017-4-small1Daryl Ilbury is a former award-winning broadcaster, now a senior journalist, op-ed columnist, writer, author and science-media communicator. He is an advocate for science and critical thinking. He holds a degree in clinical psychology, a post graduate HDE in clinical assessment and counselling, and a Master’s degree (with merit) in Science Journalism from City, University of London.

As a regular op-ed columnist and journalist, he has had over 250 articles published in top print and online titles including The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, Mail & Guardian, The Saturday Star, The Sunday Tribune, Business Day, Bizcommunity.com, Leadership and Guru. His main area of interest is in the uncomfortable, continually shifting interface of science, the media and human behaviour. He’s twice been a finalist for Best Columnist in the Publication Industry Creativity Awards, and is Silver Award winner in this category.

He also has another blog, The Edge – a free online resource for radio professionals.

Daryl is also the author of Tim Noakes Chews the Fat, in which he helps explain why world-renowned sports scientist Professor Tim Noakes continually incurs the wrath of medical convention whilst pushing the boundaries of science.

His second book A Fox’s Tale – the memoirs of his wife – the best-selling business author and leading scenario-strategist Chantell Ilbury – was published by Penguin in mid-2016.

His third book Tim Noakes – The Quiet Maverick, carries on from his first, covering Tim Noakes’s relationship with the media and the backstory to the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) hearing against Noakes. It’s also published by Penguin and is available now.

If you’re looking for warm and fuzzy – buy a kitten. There’s no chicken soup here, unless it’s for the chicken! But if you’re willing to open your mind to a different view on life around us and be entertained in the process…read on…

You can find an archive of his columns here: darylilbury.com

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