Daryl Ilbury

Crusty old fart? Maybe not.

In Random on April 13, 2012 at 8:37 am

A proud crusty old fart...and his kids

Yesterday was my birthday. I am not going to broadcast my age to the world; suffice to say I slipped grudgingly out of my 40s. You do the maths. Anyway, contrary to my entrenched abhorrence of all things warm and fuzzy, such as emotions, I couldn’t escape the flashes on introspection that clawed at my conscience.

I started thinking along the lines of “what have I done with my life” and “where’s my value”?

My beautiful wife, for example, who is about my age (playing it safe here), has three top selling books under her belt; is a respected authority in scenarios and scenario planning; and finds herself in never-ending demand from all over the world for her insights, wisdom and counselling in all things pertaining to corporate strategy.

What have I done?

So I started some goal accounting. Even though I have been in radio for…well…ages, I had always set my sights on being a writer. So I went to my website where I have kept most of my columns (to paraphrase Oscar Wilde: keep your website updated, you always need something sensational to read on the plane) and realised that I have written over 200 columns, all of which have been published. At an average of 900 words per column, that’s about 180 000 words. That can’t be too bad.

And then in the last two days I received a couple of interesting e-mails. One was from Robbie Stammers, one of my editors, who told me I had been nominated for a Tabbie Award for my writing. Leadership magazine has been good for me, and has earned me a number of PICA nominations for Best Columnist.

The other e-mail was an an invite to write for Business Day, South Africa’s top business daily.

This all comes on the back of comment by a fellow student who surmised, seemingly admirably, that whereas men my age normally get themselves mistresses or motorbikes, I had decided to get a Masters.

But all that pales compared to the moment I sat down with my family for my birthday dinner last night, and proudly put my arms around our kids for this picture.

Crusty old fart? Nah…just getting started.

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