Daryl Ilbury

Hello…? Anyone heard of COP17?

In Eish! on December 2, 2011 at 1:45 pm

...er, it's a GLOBAL climate change thing...

As someone who emotionally, psychologically (and dare I say it, spiritually) straddles the globe’s two polar hemispheres, I am constantly intrigued by what makes the news in the UK and in South Africa. This past week, while the world has been in Durban attempting to shore up some measure of momentum around addressing climate change, the UK has been intent on navel gazing.

There have been worries around strikes, that continual nagging from Europe and that rather horrifying story of an old woman who got a splinter from her rolling pin while making a steak & kidney pie.

OK, so I made up the bit about the old lady…the fact is there has been close to zero coverage of COP17 in the British media this past week. Just to make sure it wasn’t me I went to google.co.uk, typed in ‘COP17’ and selected ‘news’. Sure, there was news coverage alright, but it was all on South African-based news services such as Business Day, Independent News, my old radio alma mater East Coast Radio, and my favourite daily The Daily Maverick.

I wonder if the issue of global climate change really is a global issue.


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