Daryl Ilbury

Fodder for stupid people?

In Eish!, Fools, Scoundrels on October 23, 2011 at 1:56 pm

Really? Last week you said he was an alien.

Following the UK phone-hacking scandal that saw the closure of the News of the World, fingers were pointed at media bosses at News Corp; the media engaged itself in a serious bout of navel-gazing; and calls erupted for stricter laws around privacy.

Yet no-one seemed to shine a light on the other villain in the equation: the unquestioning, gullible, voyeuristic British tabloid consumer.

Here’s a shot of the front page of today’s Sunday Sport, arguably one of Britain’s most ungodly tabloids. But it exists, and thrives because there are idiots that buy it and believe it.

But what really frustrates me is that the people who peddle it call themselves journalists.

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